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Pre War Period Standard Colourways for Sadler OKT42 teapots

1935 – 1939

How many of the colourways were available before the war?  To my knowledge there are no listings or sales leaflets detailing the range and further information would be welcome.

I am certain the three primary colours of ivory, green and yellow were available in both the lustre on mudguards and the coachline versions.

What other colours?  To the standard could be added certainly deep blue and probably pink and possibly the orange and transfer pot commonly known as a ‘Mabel Lucy Attwell’ (See transfer teapot designs). Besides the full lustre and coachline lustre there were also blank colourways that were never lustred.  I suspect this was a deliberate sales option rather than a mistake.  It is possible that the principal output of plain teapots was just after the war when lustre was very scarce and expensive.  The plain teapots without lustre are scarcer than the lustre examples but since they are not as attractive are consequently worth less money.  I have not tried to differentiate on values between the full lustre and coachlined colourways.

Here are the front views of full lustre, coachlined and plain yellow teapots.  As can be seen there can be considerable variation of colour between teapots.  These yellow pots vary between the deep yellow pot in the centre and the lemon yellow of the plain pot to the right.
Similarly the rear view of three pink teapots with not so much variation of colour illustrated below.

It is uncertain if production of these novelty teapots continued through the war.  It could be imagined that the resources were moved away from OKT42’s to more utilitarian ware and I am sure that as the lustre was probably a scarce resource so the use of lustre was stopped.
It would seem that there are three types of strainer inside these pre-war teapots either 4, 5 or 7 holes.  The 5 hole strainer being the standard for the production.
The pre-war teapots feel more bulky than the post war examples albeit there is little difference in measured size.  The early ones seem to average around 23 cm in length later average 22.5 cm.
All these teapots have the Registered Number indented mark on the underside.


Length cm

Width cm


Ivory lustre




Green lustre




Yellow lustre




Blue lustre




Pink lustre








Plain colourway no lustre



40 up

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