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Mottled Teapot Designs

These teapots are post-war as most of them have the Sadler  banner handstamp on the underside of the teapots.  It is interesting that they seem to have been produced over a relatively short period of time using a variegated glaze and they normally have a 7 hole strainer not the standard 5 holes.  These were made mottled by using a special glaze (probably Lapis glaze made by Pilkingtons) with different melting temperatures of constituents, although there is a possibility that some were produced by accident due to improper glazes or firing.  They were made in four principal colour combinations yellow/orange, green/light green, pale blue/ green and deeper blue/light blue.

Examples of mottled Sadler OKT42 teapots

There is considerable variation in the appearance of these teapots depending on the principal colour and the intensity of contrast.

Example of a mottled Sadler OKT42 teapot

Plus occasionally there is the chance of other glaze problems like the introduction of a third colour for example pink into the combination.

Example of a mottled Sadler OKT42 teapot

I have seen a few mottled pots with lustre, these are extremely scarce.  I am uncertain whether these were deliberately made or just chance of normal pots having glazing problems.  The standard green glazes had a tendency to go mottled; the post-war duck-egg blue glaze seems unstable during firing.

Example of a mottled Sadler OKT42 teapot 

Recently there appeared in a mixed lot of bric-brac via a  provincial auction  a  mottled pale blue/green teapot with cold painted orange decoration in the style of the transfer pots.  This teapot, subsequently appeared in a dealer’s stock.  I have not had chance to view this pot to give any views about it’s genuineness but from its low-key origins it would seem to be a pot modified by one of the production line workers.

Example of a mottled Sadler OKT42 teapot  Example of a mottled Sadler OKT42 teapot


Length cm

Width cm


Yellow/orange or green/light green




Pale blue/light green




Deeper blue/light blue








Odd ball colours or 3 colours








Mottled teapot with lustre




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