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For collectors and sellers of Sadler OKT42 teapots

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There is not a single work dedicated to OKT 42 teapots and to my knowledge no archive of Sadler material or salesman’s catalogues.  It is hoped that this website will be expanded by input from collectors to become the standard reference.

Various standard books about teapots have some information.

Novelty Teapots – Five Hundred Years of Art and Design by Edward Bramah – Quiller Press 1992.  This is the bible for novelty teapot collectors and on pages 199 to 205 there are illustrations of an early cold painted OKT 42, tank, aeroplane and bus.

British Art Deco Ceramics by Colin Mawston – Shiffer Publishing Ltd 2000.   Probably the best documentation for the OKT 42 teapots on pages 169 to 171 with photographs and text plus a price guide.  Photographs include nine different colourways and a photograph of Eddie Sadler.  The star item is a full lustre green colourway teapot with text on the door ‘A Present from Crediton’.  A very scarce piece.

The Motor Car in Art by John Zolomij- Automobile Quarterly Publications 1990.  On page 178 there are photographs of both Sadler and Hall motoring teapots including an early cold painted 3-piece teaset reproduced here in Cold painted Sadler Teapots

Websites are equally sparce.

Teapot World - gives a brief introduction and examples for sale.

Eclectables  has usually several different colourways for sale.

Just Collecting -  gives a one page guide to the teapots.

Teapotsteapots - gives a page description of the history of OKT 42 teapots.


This collection would not have been possible without the forbearance of my wife Anna who has seen these OKT42 teapots try and escape from my art room into several rooms in the house. Normally they are gently returned! An American friend Bob Auten is to blame for starting me collecting these OKT42 teapots. In the past I was buying for Bob various types of automobilia including these teapots. I naively thought an example of the various colourways would look nice. Little did I realise that the number of colourways, lustre combinations etc was huge without the outpouring of late use of moulds post 2000. this ended up buying more for myself – less for Bob! Similarly I acknowledge the help of another North American friend – Thomas Brierley who has been actively searching sales and eBay and keeping me up-to-date with developments including images. Some of his photographs have been used in this site. His research into Racing Teapots Ltd has been particularly useful and the section is built up from contemporary contact between Tom and Peter Wood.

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